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Last week we started a segment where we discuss areas to take a break inside the Magic Kingdom if you can’t or would prefer not to head back to your hotel. If you missed it, catch up here. Below are a few more hidden gems throughout the Magic Kingdom where you can stop to recharge.

Main Street, U.S.A.

There is a very relaxing and I might say underutilized area right above the entrance of the Magic Kingdom. The Walt Disney World Railroad, Main Street USA station is at the front of the park There is a staircase leading up, and there is a beautiful balcony to take in some fantastic views with plenty of benches, to sit and rest. The interior of the train station is beautiful, calm and peaceful. There are old benches and antique artifacts one would see at an old train station, and it is a beautiful spot to take a needed break. I spent about an hour up there on my last trip to take some great indoor and outdoor pictures and to sit down a bit. I watched the flag retreat from up there, and I think it would offer a unique perspective for the parades or the fireworks as well.



While at the train station, you may as well take a ride to another land. The first stop is Frontierland where you can enjoy a relaxing commute to Splash or Big Thunder Mountain rides. Or stay on the train to Storybook Circus and get off to ride Dumbo or head over to Fantasyland, or down to Tomorrowland. You can always grab a seat and take a twenty-minute round-trip ride around the park.



Back in Fantasyland, Disney implemented one of its first rounds of beautifully themed bathrooms; this one themed to Rapunzel. The exterior area is pretty large; there’s a gorgeous tower you can see from a distance and gleaming floating lanterns strung across what appears to be a small village. The area looks as if it would have an attraction, but all it is is a fancy bathroom. I wanted to take pictures of more than one of the new bathrooms across the property, but that felt strange. They are gorgeous. Outside of these restrooms, there are plenty of seating options offering spectacular views of this fairytale town.


A great quick-service restaurant to grab a snack is Gaston’s Tavern. They have a small but delicious size menu of breakfast lunch and dinner options, the most favorite and most filling among guests is the cinnamon roll. Inside, the theming is straight out of Beauty and the Beast; you really feel like you are at Gaston’s Tavern. It has comfortable seating, and lighting to make you feel very relaxed, plus you can’t beat that it is air-conditioned.20160819_232547


There is quite a lot of seating areas in Adventureland complete with lush tropical views. This area is relaxing early in the day before the crowds build up and the heat intensifies. Most of these beautiful spaces are directly in the sun, the shady benches may not be available, so mid-afternoon this may not be the best location to break depending on the time of year.



Liberty Square

Another relaxing attraction offering great views as you tour the park is the Liberty Square River Boat. The attraction is about a fifteen-minute boat ride around Rivers of America traveling from Liberty Square around Frontierland and back.

My favorite little area I discovered on this last trip were some rocking chairs off the beaten path behind the Hall of Presidents. You have to follow back behind the building to find them, but this is a great quiet spot to escape the craziness quickly. The rocking chairs are so hidden; I think they would be available even on Christmas day.


Thanks for reading this series and stay tuned for more articles on where to find a little R&R around the Walt Disney World theme parks. Join me next week when we discuss the best areas in the Magic Kingdom for nursing mom’s to nurse their babies. As always if you are interested in taking a Disney vacation contact me or fill out the estimated quote for a no-obligation quote.

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