“Hiya Pal!”

Many families tour the parks differently, some choose early morning, take a break back at the hotel mid-afternoon, and then head back out to the parks in the evening. Others opt for crazy long hour days. For the families who like to stay at the parks all day weather, you can’t miss a second of entertainment, or commuting is not easy for you I have a list below of some great places to take a break.

Main Street, U.S.A.

If you are looking for a spot to relax in the front of the park, there is a nice comfy place to stop and take a break at the Town Center Theater, where you can meet Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. There you’ll find a large front porch lined with rocking chairs. The doors to the theater are left open, and the cold air gets sucked out onto the porch so you can sit back and relax outside with some beautiful views while cooling off from the nearby blasting air conditioning.


view from rocking chair.

view from rocking chair.


An underutilized spot in the park would be Tom Sawyer’s Island. A ferry will pick you up and drop you off at the island where there are quite a few paths to follow leading to dark caves, bridges and forts to explore. There are many shady areas to take a break on a bench or some rocking chairs. Adults can sit back and unwind while they watch their kids burn some energy running around to investigate Fort Longhorn an old-fashioned fort. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for hidden Mickey’s too.


{Dock to Tom Sawyer Island}

Liberty Square

A great spot for lunch in Liberty Square is the Columbia Harbor House. Serving up seafood such as a New England Lobster Roll and Fish and chips. If you grab your food and head upstairs, you’ll be met with a very comfortable—homey feel; it is a lot less crowded and quieter upstairs. If you time it right, for a late lunch or a snack, look for a table by the window. You could repose in the quiet upstairs, soak up some cold air,  eat, and watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

{Columbia Harbor House}

Storybook Circus

One of my favorite resting places is hidden in the back of Storybook Circus. There is an open air building next to the bathrooms of the Walt Disney World Railroad. Inside you will walk into a large big-top themed area where you will find a mix of eclectic and comfortable furniture. The back of the building is lined with fans so even though there isn’t air conditioning inside, there is plenty of shade, and the fans help to cool you down. There are accessible electrical outlets located around the perimeter of the space. You could grab a few seats for your group and charge all your devices while you recline and watch the kids run through Casey Jr. splash pad directly in front of the building.


{Big Top Train Station}

{Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station}


A tried-and-true attraction that is almost always a walk-on is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover. This ride is great to sit back while touring the Tomorrowland area. If it’s not busy you don’t have to get off if you’d like to stay put a while longer and ride it again; it never gets old!


{Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover”}

The Magic Kingdom offers the most options to rest so we will dive into Part Two: Unexpected Areas to Relax— Magic Kingdom Edition next week.

“See you real soon!”