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The past couple of weeks we discussed some Unexpected Areas to Relax in the Magic Kingdom: Two-Part series if you missed them here they are Part One and Part Two. This week I thought I would put emphasis on areas throughout the park that would be a great place for nursing moms to stop and feed their babies. Of course, you can always nurse in the designated areas in the Baby Center, but sometimes you don’t want to be separated from the rest of the family. You may not be near the Baby Center each time your little one needs to eat, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun attractions either. Below is a list of some great options to head into the air-conditioning and be entertained with the whole family while being able to feed your baby comfortably. Spoiler alert: these are also perfect quiet areas for non-nursing moms, family members who don’t love roller coasters and rides and great spots to take a break from the heat or rain for the whole family too.

Main Street U.S.A.

Each park has a Baby Center located next to the first aid building. The Magic Kingdom location is just off Main Street U.S.A. between Casy’s Corner and the Crystal Palace. All the sites offer the same amenities changing tables, cribs, snack area and nursing rooms complete with rocking chairs. These are great spots to take a break and cool off.  The Magic Kingdom is by far the nicest of all of the locations, but they are all very comfortable.

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My favorite attraction, The Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room was one of the best locations while I was nursing to feed my baby. The Tiki Room is fun, comfortable, and relaxing. It is approximately 20 minutes and was the first all animatronic attraction to open in Disneyland in 1963. It was duplicated in 1971 and has been a classic at the Magic Kingdom in Florida since opening day. There is a thunderstorm in the middle of the show that could scare some small children. My three-month old at the time and six and seven-year-olds were unphased by the storm. At the end of the show they ask everyone to leave when it is over, but since my little one was still eating and it was pouring rain outside, they let my family stay for the next show. So we were comfortable, cool, dry and relaxed for forty minutes.


Liberty Square

A must-do attraction for anyone visiting the Magic Kingdom is the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square. This attraction was my go-to spot while I was nursing, and still is where we head around 3 pm when the rain is about to start. There is a large indoor queue to wait in before the show starts to take shelter from the inevitable afternoon downpour. The seats are very comfortable; it’s dark and very relaxing. The show is about 25 minutes long, so it makes for a great mid-day break.



A great spot in Fantasyland that is dark and comfortable is the Mickey’s Philharmagic. The cute 4-D movie features Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse as they search for the missing orchestra and run into many classic Disney characters along the way. The show is a perfect example of Disney Magic brought to life. It is not as long as the attractions listed above with a running time of only 12 minutes so it would be a good option for a quick feeding maybe just to get your little one to sleep.



In Tomorrowland, you have the opportunity to experience the Carousel of Progress. This attraction originally debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair. It moved to Disneyland in 1965 when the World’s Fair came to an end. It was then brought to Florida in 1973 and has been running there since 1975 undergoing quite a few refurbishments. The classic attraction is set in the home of an average American family from the turn of the century through the 1980’s. The show has a running time of 20 minutes in comfortable chairs and is dark and calm. It’s a great attraction for the entire family.


I hope these suggestions come in handy for you if you plan on visiting the Magic Kingdom with your little one. Next week we will list some Unexpected Areas to Relax in Epcot. As always I would be more than happy to assist you personally to plan and book your next Disney vacation. Please contact me or fill out the Estimated quote.

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